The Hearing Day

It is very important that you attend the hearing in order to present your evidence and your point of view to the Tribunal. If you do not attend the hearing, the Tribunal can, if it finds the Commission has proven the allegations against you, impose very serious sanctions (or penalties) against you. These sanctions can include cancelling your registration or licence, imposing terms or conditions on your registration or licence, or imposing an administrative penalty ordering you to pay a sum of money.

Location of the Hearing
Hearing Room Protocol

Hearings are Usually Open to the Public
Information on the location of the hearing, requesting a change in location and the hearing room.

Information on how to conduct yourself during a hearing.

Information on requesting a private hearing.


 How the Hearing Unfolds

What Happens After the Hearing
Information on the stages of a hearing.

Information on when to expect the decision of the Tribunal.